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Granta 118: Exit Strategies - Granta: The Magazine of New Writing, John   Freeman, Alice Munro Like another reviewer, I turned first to the Alice Munro short story, "In Sight of the Lake", and of course it was wonderful. She has returned to Munro country, in southwestern Ontario. She said several years ago that she was retiring from writing but there have since been a few short stories published here and there, including at least a couple in the New Yorker. I'm glad she has changed her mind.
"Thirty Girls" by Susan Minot was a powerful short about a nun who is a headmistress of a girls' school in Uganda, and she sets out to reclaim her students who were abducted/confiscated/stolen by rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army.
Anne Tyler's "The Beginner's Goodbye", about a newly-minted widower, was gently funny and poignant without being sentimental. And one could say the same about John Barth's "The End?"