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Hand Me Down World - Lloyd Jones 3 1/2 stars, rounded up. The story of an African woman searching for her baby who was stolen from her by the father and taken back to Germany. The story is being told in fragments by all of the various people who came in contact with her on her perilous journey as an illegal alien crossing Europe.
It would make a good European movie. The story is handed off like a baton from one character to another, completely disparate and unpredictable in their interaction with the protagonist. Great locales for shooting too. Short scenes, action-filled, emotion, sex.
About midway it started to get a bit boggy, her story in danger of being submerged, drowned by the stories of her 'couriers'. But it recovered soon enough and regained its rhythm. I like the contrasting versions of events provided by the different points of view.
As with Mr Pip, Lloyd Jones shows again the easy and casual cruelties humans show one another, and juxtaposes that with unexpected kindnesses.